Blocking Words

Orlo has a preloaded list of profanities which will be detected when they are used by someone who is trying to send out a post that contains one or more. These posts will be sent for validation rather than being published or scheduled. This also applies to replies being sent from the Inbox (this additional feature needs to be enabled by Orlo - Please contact Support to enable Inbox Reply blocking).

This list can be accessed by going to Settings > Account Settings > and clicking into the Blocked Words option. Here you will be able to edit the preloaded list, adding and removing any words/ terms that you might need to. 


You can also activate the Facebook Wall Monitor, which will enable Orlo to automatically hide or delete any Facebook posts to your wall should they contain a word/ term in the list.

If you select Hide Only,  Orlo will attempt to hide the post. If you select Hide or Delete, Orlo will attempt to hide the post first and if that fails, attempt to delete it instead as a secondary measure.

The author of the post that the comment was made on will be alerted via email so they are aware the comment has been hidden/deleted. We will also send an email alert if Orlo fails to hide/delete the comment so they can attempt to do so natively.