Google Web Alerts

Orlo’s Monitoring module also allows you to connect a Google Web Alert RSS feed into the stream.

To use the feature,  you need to head over to Google Alerts (if you don’t have a Google account already, you may need to create one to use this) and create a new alert based on the criteria you want to listen for.

Next, click on Pencil to access the edit options for the alert. Under the “Deliver to” option, change the option from your email address to “Feed.” Hit the blue Update alert button.


You should now see the symbol for the RSS option appear on your alert, next to the pencil icon. Click the feed link and you should be taken to a page in a similar format to the one below:

Copy the URL from this page, then head back over to Orlo and into the Create New / Edit page for a monitoring stream.

Click the Google Web Alert tab near the top of the list of your available sources, which will take you to the below screen, where you can enter the RSS feed and save your stream.