Live Chat Status

Show if you're available to respond to Live Chat messages by changing your status. Here's how.

You can change your online status for Live Chat by clicking on your status drop-down in the Inbox, and selecting the status you need:

Online: You will be notified of all new incoming chats.

Busy : Any messages you are currently dealing with will remain assigned to you, and replies can come in and will give you a notification. You will not be notified of new incoming chats.

Offline: Any chats that were assigned to you will be unassigned, and moved back into the “new chats” queue for another agent to pick up.  You will not receive any notifications for new chats or reply messages. If all agents are set to Offline, users will not be able to send through new messages.

You can also change this from the Live Chat Dashboard, by clicking on the status drop down.