Inbox Message Redaction

The message redaction feature allows users to censor any incoming messages that may potentially contain inappropriate or offensive content. Here's how to use it...

Redacting an inbox message is a feature that is permission restricted. Any user in the Admin team on Orlo should be able to access this straight away, but non-admins will need to have the below permission enabled in order to redact:

Once enabled, users should see the new Redact icon on messages in the Inbox (Please note; Redaction is for inbound messages only):


Redaction cannot be undone, so make sure you read and acknowledge this warning message and if you're sure you want to redact, type REDACT in the text box and click Redact message:


After redacting, you will need to refresh Orlo for the change to take place. Once redacted, the message should be replaced with this, marking who redacted the message and when they did so:


This action is also stored against the message in the Inbox Audit trail: