Monitoring Report - Statistics Breakdown

Monitoring reports are a great way to better analyse your brand across multiple on and offline sources (subject to your package). You can access the Statistics view of the report by selecting the tab at the top of the stream, under the title.


From the keywords that you have set you can see the volume of mentions during the time of the stream. Depending on whether or not you have the Basic or Advanced Monitoring package, you can filter this by the source of the results and the sentiment.


Sources Breakdown

This graph shows a breakdown of where you are getting your monitoring traffic from - you can see how many results have been pulled in so far, as well as how many are being pulled on average per day and hour since the stream was created.


Value of Results

The monetary value is calculated by our algorithm and can show the total value of the results of your monitoring stream - this is also broken down into the different sources used in the stream where applicable.


Top Results by Value

This shows you the most relevant results around your search terms as determined by our algorithm. The results will display the top 20 media pieces in order of monetary value.



This is another view of the general sentiment of the results.


Audience breakdown

This part of the report breaks down the location, gender and social endorser score, so you can see who your audience are. The social endorser score is calculated from the sentiment of the results pulled in, ranging from -100% to +100%.

Finding the most valuable authors and understanding their media influence can be very helpful in elevating your brand awareness with the most relevant audience.


Location Breakdown

This map shows you the top locations where the search terms in your stream have been used most in the different media sources you selected.  This is a fantastic way to target different markets across the world.


Top Hashtags

Looking across the social media sphere you can get an idea of the top hashtags associated with your selected search terms, so you can easily join in the relevant conversations.