Query Builder Breakdown

Trying to get to grips with Boolean Logic (Or/And)? Here we've provided some examples to help breakdown which to use depending on what you're looking to listen for

Below are a few examples of how conditions and groups work together, depending on which option Or/And is selected. 

This configuration will pull in any result where either Birmingham or  Bham is present:

By selecting And, we will only pull in results that have all of the conditions. So, with this configuration, results have to mention Birmingham and  UK to be pulled in:

The above examples use multiple conditions, but we can also create groups of conditions to make more complex listening streams. When a group is created, you'll be able to set the Or/And at the top of the query builder, as well as in each group created. The top (or global Or/And option) will affect everything in the query, whereas the group Or/And option will only apply to the conditions added into the group. Below are a few examples of how groups can be used.

This configuration will pull in results that mention United Kingdom or  UK, as long as it also mentions Birmingham or  Bham:

In this example, we've swapped the global option to Or and the group options to And. This configuration will pull in results that mention Birmingham and  United Kingdom, or Birmingham and  UK:

We can also have single conditions alongside groups for another way of configuring the query builder. In this final example, any result that mentions United Kingdom and  Birmingham or  Bham will be pulled in as a result:

You can also choose to listen for any mentions of a Twitter profile, as well as exclude keywords or profile mentions. In the below example, Orlo will pull in a result if it mentions the Twitter profile @BhamCityCouncil and the words Birmingham or  Bham, as long as the profile @cityofbhamal isn't mentioned and the words Alabama and  United States aren't present either: