Re-Authenticating your Social Media accounts

From time to time, the social media accounts connected to Orlo can become un-authenticated. What this means is that the security token that was generated when you first added the social account in has become invalid. This can occur if the password for the social account itself, or for credentials for the account that added the Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page, have changed. It can also occur if the social media networks themselves update their policies.

Whilst an account is un-authenticated, Orlo does not have permission to interact with that social account. This means that any scheduled outbound posts will not be published and instead will be flagged for validation (which can only be validated after the account has been re-authenticated) and any messages that normally come into the Inbox will no longer do so. 

Note: Messages that are missed due to an account being un-authenticated will not be brought in once it has been re-authenticated. This is due to the social networks only sending messages to validated 3rd-Party applications like Orlo, so we implore you to make sure your accounts get re-authenticated as soon as possible to minimise the loss of data.

When an account requires re-authentication, those on Orlo with the permission to manage the social accounts will receive an email advising and should see a red-tinged banner along the top of the app once they have logged in.

To re-authenticate, you will need to go to Settings > Account Settings > Re-authenticate Accounts, found here

If you cannot access this page, or clicking the above link takes you to your dashboard, you do not have the correct Orlo permissions to access it. You will need to contact whomever is the Administrator for Orlo at your business (If you are unsure of who this is, please contact support and we will be able to tell you).

Once on this page, you should see all of the accounts that require re-authentication. This is done by simply re-entering the latest login credentials for that social account. If you see an error box when you try this, it usually means you are logged into that social network already, which can sometimes interfere with the re-authentication process. To prevent this, please log out of any native social media accounts you are logged into, refresh Orlo and try to re-authenticate again. Alternatively, you may not have the correct permissions to re-authenticate the account. For example, to re-authenticate an Instagram account you need to be admin of the Facebook page that it is connected to. Please contact the page admin for help.

Note:  We are aware of an issue with re-authenticating Facebook Groups on the New Page Experience and have raised this issue with Facebook directly.  Please get in touch with Support if you have any questions.