Conversations Mode

Conversations Mode helps you see messages the way you want to. Toggle between a chronological view or messages grouped in a thread by pressing the Conversations button in the Inbox. Here's everything you need to know.

Here are the great things Conversations Mode can do:

  • Notes are embedded within a thread, so that conversation discussion is easy to find and relevant to the message being viewed in the thread.
  • Conversations group together messages in the same thread, making it easier to manage/view.
  • Help you implement SLAs, such as Response Time, conversation Sentiment conversion, First Response and SLA reporting. To set up your SLA's, you will need to go to the Inbox settings page here.
  • When in Conversations Mode, you will be able to assign and action whole conversations, allowing quick management of large threads, ensuring that all the relevant messages get assigned to whoever needs to deal with it.
  • Mark messages as resolved - this will mark the conversation as resolved and remove it from the default view in the Inbox, making it easier to manage and see what needs to be dealt with.