This article aims to provide a brief overview of the new Triggers functionality and what to expect when setting them up.

To access the Automation page, you should see a new option under the "Manage" menu along the top of Orlo, called "Automation". Clicking on this should take you through to this page:

Here you will be able to see a list of all of your currently active triggers. The default view shows the triggers active on your Inbox, you can switch to see your Outbox triggers using the options top-right.


You will also find top-right the button to create a new trigger. Clicking this will take you to the below page, asking you to specify whether you are creating a trigger for your Inbox Messages, Inbox Conversations or Outbox.

NB - we would recommend only creating Triggers for either Messages OR Conversations, but not combinations of both. This will depend on how you primarily view and use the Inbox day-to-day.

Once you have chosen this, you will be asked to select the social media accounts you would like this new trigger to be active on (multiple account selection is an option): 


After you click save, you will be prompted to name your Trigger. After entering a name and clicking save again, you will be directed to our Trigger Ingredients screen, where you can choose the different options that will activate your Trigger:


Once you have selected one or more ingredients for your Trigger, the purple button in the middle of the screen should change to "Save & Move To Actions". Clicking that will save your Ingredients and move you over to the Trigger Actions pages, where you can select what you would like Orlo to do once it detects a message that matches one or more of your Trigger Ingredients:

After selecting your actions, the green button underneath the list of chosen actions should change to say "Save & Complete Trigger". Clicking this will take you to a final page to review your setup and one last save button. Once saved, the trigger should start to take effect within 5 minutes of being saved.


Note: Triggers will only apply to matching messages after it has been saved. Messages received prior to a Trigger being set up will not cause the actions to occur.