Dashboard Templates

Dashboard templates allow you to share your dashboard with all of your Orlo users. This will allow you to provide a consistent view to your colleagues, as well as making it easier for new users to hit the ground running.Please see the below guide on how to get them set up:

1) If you click on the 'Customise Dashboard', you will see a new button called 'Dashboard Template'. You will be able to select the express option, which will automatically add the Social Wall, Outbox and Profile Search widgets. However, you can select 'Create template' to set up a template.

2) This button will take you through to the setting page for the new dashboard templates, showing you all of your created templates. Clicking the 'Create template' on the screen shown below, then 'Create new'. You will then be taken through to the normal dashboard customization screen. 

3) Once you have clicked Save Dashboard, you will be taken back to the settings screen, and you should now be able to see the template you have just set up.

4) On the customise dashboard screen, when clicking the templates button, you should now see the template you have created, as will other users of Orlo at your company.