Deleting Replies

This article outlines how you can apply a filter to see replies and delete any that you may need to.

By default, we do not show Replies in the Content Calendar or the Outbox , which is where you would normally go to if you needed to make any changes to what has been scheduled/sent out.

However, you can add the Message Type filter to both of these pages, which allows you to customise which post types you will see. In order to see replies, tick all of the options which are relevant to your search and untick all those that aren't. If you are on the Content Calendar view, click on the magnifying glass to the left-hand side. If you are in the outbox, click on the green Add Filter button.

Then, select the filter Message Type and tick the appropriate message types.

Now, click Apply Filter and you should be able to see your public/private responses. To delete a reply, click on the message then on the 3-dot menu top right and select delete: