Filtering a Monitoring Stream

Depending on your search criteria, you could potentially be looking at hundreds or even thousands of results, which obviously is not very actionable, so filtering your results is a great way to drill down into the most relevant details.

By clicking on the magnifying glass at the side of the stream you can filter down by different search parameters.

As you can with the Query Builder when creating a stream, you are able to apply filters using the AND | OR Boolean logic.


  • Content: Look for comments containing certain words.
  • Source: Specify the media source the posts come from.
  • Language: Select which language the comments are in.
  • Date: If you’re  interested in data from a certain time period, put in a to and from date here.
  • Sentiment: Search for comments which are negative or positive in their sentiment.
  • Influence Score: You may only be interested in comments from users that are influential on social media.
  • Assigned to: Messages that have been assigned to certain members of your team.
  • Flagged: Search for messages that have been flagged by yourself or colleagues.
  • Media Type: If you're interested in the posts that contain either images or text (you can’t filter by both).
  • Gender: The gender of the posts author.
  • Hashtag: Results that contain a specified hashtag.

Advanced Stream Filters; 

  • Author Name: The name of the posts creator.
  • Publisher: The name of the company that published the post.
  • Country: The country the post has come from.