Inbox Filters

Inbox Filters are a great way to trim down what you are able to see in the Inbox or to hunt down specific messages.

To access these, click on the Add Filter button on the left-hand side of the Inbox:

You can also create a preset from a combination of Filters that you have added, which is handy if you find yourself adding the same filters each time you are using the Inbox. To do this, add your filters and click Save as Preset:

Everyone has three presets located bottom-left, All Messages, Assigned to me and Unactioned. Any presets you create will be available just above these three, under the My Presets menu:

Below is a list of all available Inbox filters, with a short description for each:

Accounts: You can filter the list to show messages from one / more social accounts

From Date: Any messages received after the date specified

To Date: Any messages received before the date specified

Tags: Messages that have the specified inbox tag

Sentiment: Messages that have the specified sentiment

Public / Private: Option to show either Private or Public messages, rather than both

Language: Messages that are of the specified language

Assigned to: Messages that are assigned to the specified person/team

Actioned by: Messages that have been actioned by the specified person

Status: Option to show only Unread, Unactioned or Actioned messages (or a combination of two)

Silenced messages: Option to include or only show messages that have been received on a Silenced Facebook post

Campaign: Messages received off the back of posts sent out as part of the specified campaign

Author: Messages received from the person specified

Keywords: Messages that contain the specified words