Triggers - Keyword Searches

Information around the Triggers Keyword Search functionality

Orlo offers the ability to listen for certain keywords or phrases using Automation triggers - this also includes the ability to use wildcards in the search parameters, or exact text matching.

In my example below, I'm looking for any mention of the word "For" in the social messages received. As I've ticked the Exact Matches option, this trigger will only activate if "For" is mentioned in the text of the message:

It's not case-sensitive, so the above Trigger condition will activate on messages like these ones:

"Thanks for this; Do you have any updates with regards to exchange students and the impact COVID has had on their application plans?"

"I'm interested in applying to the Uni of Orlo - Could someone contact me with more details for the Digital Marketing - BA (Hons) course?"

Alternatively, you can choose to leave Exact Matches switched off. Doing so means that the Trigger will look for the word you've chosen, but it can appear by itself, or as part of a longer word. If I use the same example as above, "For", but turn off exact matches, the trigger will activate on messages like the above two, but will also activate on messages like these:

"I'm sorry but I feel slightly uncomfortable providing you with these kinds of details"

"They'd much rather forgive some fees and slash rates and get most of their money back than lose everything if you declare bankruptcy."

A third way to use this Keyword Search option is to include wildcards to match words that start or end with a specific string of characters. To do this, enable the Exact Word matching first. Then you will need to add the asterisk symbol  to the keyword you are searching for, without a space, like this:


The asterisk basically means any other letters, so by putting it on the end of the word, the trigger will look for all words that start with For, whereas putting the asterisk at the beginning would return all words that end with and.

For* would return results containing words such as:


*and would return results containing words such as: