Domains To Unblock

In order to ensure full functionality or Orlo, you will need to ensure that the domains we use are not blocked by your network admin.

Below is a full list of domains which will require access in order for Orlo to work fully, please grant access to the following domains:


Orlo general functionality: and * and *



( * - the socialsignin domains are deprecated and we will migrate to the variants eventually)


Content Library / File Uploads

*  (or alternatively  and


Live Chat

* (websockets)


Google API’s, for UX and functionality:




Photo Editor:


Amazon Web Services: (file uploads) (linkedin image post hosting)

Social networks - additionally, users probably want to whitelist


(These will probably be already whitelisted in order to use Twitter or Facebook natively). (images imported from twitter)

* (images from imported facebook posts)

Non core functionality


We can support you better if you also enable these : - used for some display of informational messages within the app. - used for logging diagnostics/errors - used for logging diagnostics/errors