Marketing Analytics

  • Connections - Relevant to the platform in the report, connections can be the amount of Twitter Followers, the amount of people who Like your Facebook Page, the amount of Connections your Company Page has on LinkedIn etc.

  • Reach - This is your 'potential audience' number, calculated by combining your audience with the audience of those who interact with your posts. For example; If I had 10 followers, my Tweet would start with 10 Reach. Then, if one of my followers interacted with my Tweet (Likes/Comments/Retweets), their audience of say, 30 followers, would be added to my posts Reach. This would bring my Reach value for that post to a total of 40.

  • Link Clicks - The number of times a link sent in a post has been clicked.

  • Sent Messages - The number of Outbound Posts sent from the account in the report.

  • Engagement Ratio - This is the number of Inbound Messages, divided by the amount of Outbound Posts. If my account receives 10 Messages and sends out 20 posts, the ratio would be 0.5.

  • Brand Sentiment - This displays the sentiment of the Inbound Messages the account has received, ranging from Very Negative to Very Postive.

  • Engagement Location - This map shows the location of where your posts Link Clicks came from, as long as the person clicking on the link has Location Services enabled (and they are where they say they are!)

  • Gender Breakdown - Where possible, we can show the gender of the people engaging you. This is limited by the information the social platforms give us and whether or not the engager has defined their gender on their profile.

  • Engagement Sources - The social platform from which your accounts received a message.

  • Top Times To Post Out - This graph shows you the top times for your accounts to post, based on the success of your previous posts (Success is measured in stats such as Likes, Comments, shares etc.) Your posts are then compared to each other to see which posts were engaged with the most based on the time they were published.

Engagement Analytics

  • Inbound Messages - The total amount of public and private messages received on the social accounts the report is built around.

  • Replies - The amount of messages sent back to an inbound message (this does not include general messages sent using the Communicate tab, only replies to Inbox messages)

  • Users Engaged - The amount of unique people who sent your accounts messages (this only includes messages, not other forms of engagement such as likes and shares)

  • Average Reply Time - The total response time (time between a message being received to when it is marked as actioned), divided by the total amount of replies sent.

  • Total Messages Assigned - The amount of Inbox messages that have been assigned to a particular person / team during the range of the report

  • Total Messages Actioned - The amount of messages marked as actioned (does not require a reply, only to be actioned) during the range of the report.

  • Tags - The most common tags present on messages in the Inbox that are received during the period the report is built around.

  • Top Engagers - The people responsible for the most inbound messages received on your social accounts.

  • Average Conversation Length - If I were to message you once and you were to reply once (and that was our entire conversation), it's length would be two. This number is the average length of all conversations had.

Campaign Analytics

  • Parent - You can assign a campaign a parent, which creates a Parent-Child relationship between the two. A Parent campaign can have more than one child assigned to it. Any Child campaign posts can be viewed in the Child Analytics, but you can also pull up the Parent Analytics, which will display an overall analytical view of all of the data pulled from its children.

  • Child - See Parent.

  • Running Campaigns - This tab shows all of the currently running campaigns for your business. From here, you can edit a campaign to change its name, start/end date or assign it to a Parent. You can also view the statistics for a running campaign or choose to Finish it.

  • Finished Campaigns - This tab shows all of your previous campaigns. You can finish campaigns to prevent them from being an option in the Campaign Selection part of the Communicate tab. Once finished, a campaign cannot be started up again, you will have to create a new one. You can still view the statistics for them and they will continue to collect data if any more comes in from posts that are a part of it. You can also delete campaigns from this tab, which removes them from Orlo permanently.

  • Reach Breakdown - What social platform your campaign posts reach came from.

  • Post's Breakdown - What social platform your campaign posts were sent out on.

  • Post Engagement - What social platform your campaign posts received engagement from.

Account Report

 - See Marketing Analytics

  • Message In - The amount of messages received during the range of the report

  • Messages Out - The amount of messages sent during the range of the report (including replies and general outbound messages sent via the Communicate tab)

Team Report

  • User / Teams - This field shows all the active users on the Orlo dashboard. The Team tab can show you the stats for any active teams you have set up on Orlo.

  • Total Sessions - How many times a particular user/team has logged into Orlo. (Can only track log ins; If a user doesn't log out of Orlo, you can expect to see a low number here)

  • Total Session Time - This is the overall time that a user/team has logged into the platform within the report time parameters.

  • Average Session Length - This shows the average time a particular user/team spends on Orlo from their total amount of sessions.

  • Last Session At - This shows the last time a particular user/team logged into the system.

  • Top 5 Pages - The top most-visited pages on Orlo, for the range of the report built

  • Total Published Messages - The number of messages that a particular user/team has sent out through the communicate tab live onto the system. (Does not include replies)

  • Total Inbox Messages Actioned - The number of messages a particular user/team has marked as actioned within the inbox. (This can be achieved by either replying, liking, Retweeting or simply marking as actioned)

  • Score - The user/team score is calculated as follows:

(user total session duration / all users session duration) + (user outbox posts / total outbox posts) + (total actioned inbox messages by user / total of all actioned inbox messages) * 1000 = User Score.