Posting GIFs

This article covers the two different methods for posting GIFs, one for Twitter and the other for Facebook.


To post a GIF via Twitter, you will either need to have a .gif file or the link to the GIF, usually a URL ending in .gif:


When creating your Tweet in Orlo, select the "Add Single Image" option. 

If you have the .gif file, add it to the post as you would a normal image file.

If you have the GIF URL, add it using the source "Link (URL)" option.

Your post will look like this on Twitter (with the GIF auto-playing):


Facebook have recently removed native support for external GIF's to auto-play in a page feed. 

As a workaround for this, we allow you to attach .gif files as videos to Facebook posts. Whilst this will go up in the format as a video, it is currently the only way to have a GIF be playable within a page feed, as opposed to the current functionality that converts it to a link to the GIF.