Push Mode for Live Chat

What is Pull mode?

Pull mode is the default setting for Live Chat where agents assign themselves conversations from the queue.

What is Push mode?

Push mode is a company-wide setting that affects all agents on Live Chat.

When enabled, Live Chat conversations will be pushed to agents, until they reach a predefined limit (by default, this is 3). Once they have reached the limit they will no longer be pushed any more messages, unless a resolved conversation is re-opened by one of your users/customers.

Agents will always be able to request the next chat.

How do I turn Push mode on or off?

Once enabled for your account, Push mode is able to be turned on or off via the Live Chat settings page (Settings > Account Settings > Manage Live Chat Widgets).  The button will appear red when push mode is not enabled, click on the button to turn it green and enable push mode for Live Chat.


How do I change the conversation limit?

You can change your chat queue limit by going to Settings > Account Settings > Manage Live Chat Widgets > Edit your Live Chat Widget and adjust Chat Queue Limit:

How do agents know that Push mode has been turned on or off?

Agents will see a pop-up informing them that the system has moved from Pull Mode to Push Mode and vice-versa.