Salesforce Integration

This article outlines the steps involved for connecting your Salesforce CRM to Orlo.

1. Log into Salesforce and click the setting button top-right, then click Setup for current app:

2. In the left-hand navigation list, find Platform Tools. Click on Apps, then App Manager:

3. Click New Connected App above the list of existing app:

4. Under basic information, enter Orlo as the name and your email address as the contact email:


5. Under the API (Enable OAuth Settings), tick the Enable OAuth Settings option, then enter into the Callback URL box. On the Selected OAuth Scopes, add Full Access:

Once you’ve done the above, click Save. Salesforce will now take up to 10 minutes to save these settings.


6. Once saved, head the app overview page and under the API (Enable OAuth Settings) area click Manage Consumer Details:

This will require you to confirm your identity via email code and once done, will provide you with a consumer key. Keep a record of this key as it will not be shown again.

7. Finally, in the left-hand navigation list find Security, then select CORS:

8. On the Allowed Origins List, click new then enter the below URL ( and click Save:

That’s all for the Salesforce side of things, the final steps take place in Orlo.


1. In Orlo, go to Settings then Manage Apps:

2. Here, click Create New and enter the below information, then click Save:

3. Refresh Orlo, then click Settings to see the Saleforce integration window. In this window enter your consumer key and your Salesforce domain, then click save. You can also test your login access from here as well:

4. Now you’re ready to use Salesforce within the Orlo Inbox. To access the integration, open a message in the Inbox and within the profile window you should now see the option to Link Salesforce:

5. Clicking link will allow you to search Salesforce for the individual that you are looking to connect to the social profile engaging with you, or create a new contact if they don’t exist currently (you may be prompted to log into Salesforce when clicking Link if you haven't signed in through Orlo already):

You can also create a new contact profile if your search returns no results. Once linked to a profile, Orlo users will be able to see real-time Salesforce data within the Inbox, with the ability to add new activities and cases:

When creating a case, you can push a social message from Orlo into the case notes via the Push to CRM button in the reply box:

This can then be either attached to the case, or added as a note so that it appears in the case feed as below: