Vanity URL's

By default, links posted out from Orlo will look like this < but you can easily change this to something which is more in-keeping with your brand's image, for example

To be able to set up a vanity URL on Orlo, you will first need to purchase one and set up the CNAME redirection. Don't worry, it's easy! Just follow the steps in our Shortened Vanity URL Guide.

Once it has been purchased and you have waited at least 24 hours for the redirect to be set up, you will be able to set it up in Orlo. Here's how:

1: Navigate to the Settings, via the User Icon Menu.

2: Select Publish Settings, under the Company Settings section.


3: At the bottom of the Publish Settings page is the Vanity URL section. Here you will see the URL that your Orlo is currently set to ("" by default) and the box to enter your new vanity URL.

4: Click "Save" once you have entered your new URL (that you have set up prior - See Shortened Vanity URL Guide for more information) . Orlo will now be ready to use this new vanity URL after 24 hours replication time.